Endless Legend Definitive Edition

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Endless Legend – Definitive Edition

Endless Legend is the 4X turn-based fantasy strategy game by Amplitude Studios, the creators of the Endless Universe. Your homeworld, Auriga, is an inhospitable one. After surviving the worst winter on record for the fifth time in a row, alarming rumors about an even harsher future arrive to your ears.
Choose between one of fourteen unique factions. As the leader of your people, it is your duty to protect and guide them…but you are not the only ones trying to survive and wanting to thrive on this planet.
Will you be remembered as the explorer who unveiled Auriga’s secrets, the magnate who mastered the subtle arts of diplomacy and trade, or as the warmonger whose legacy was written in blood? The choice is yours.

Create your own legend and experience the full scale of Endless Legend with the Definitive Edition which, along the base game, includes:

Endless Legend™ – Guardians
The Endless had imprisoned them, but they have now broken free. Who are these guardians? And more importantly, how will you make their powers yours?

Endless Legend™ – Shadows
The Forgotten are a major faction that was thought to be long gone. These masters of espionage, infiltration, and sabotage strike from the shadow. Only a fool would make enemies of them.

Endless Legend™ – Echoes of Auriga
These seven new tracks are here to further enhance your immersion in the world of Auriga. They also come with an exclusive equipment pack for your units.

Endless Legend™ – The Lost Tales
The minor factions are brimming with characters whose stories remain to be told. Discover more about them with these quests.

Endless Legend™ – Shifters
The Allayi faction’s presence on Auriga predate the Endless. They are bound to Auriga, their bodies and minds reflecting the state of the planet, and they will do anything to defend it.

Endless Legend™ – Tempest
The oceans of Auriga still hold many mysteries: one of them now reveals itself in the form of the Morgawr faction. They hold dominion over the seas, and even the land is not safe from their curse.

Endless Legend™ – Inferno
The arrival of the Kapaku brought drastic change to the planet’s topography. This faction thrives on volcanic terrain, and they will not stop until the rivers of Auriga flow with lava.

Endless Legend™ – Symbiosis
The ancient faction of the Mykara joins the fray with one purpose in mind: bringing balance back to Auriga. Will the Urkan beasts once more defeat their plan?

Endless Legend™ – Monstrous Tales
Auriga’s folklore is full of stories and myths about monsters inhabiting its depths and far reaches. Dive in and uncover ancient truths with these twenty new quests.

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