Beyond The Wire

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OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i or AMD Ryzen with 4 physical cores
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 380 with at least 4 GB of VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 40 GB available Espacio,

Acerca de este juego

Beyond the Wire is a large scale multiplayer Primera persona, immersing players in the frantic and y Western Front of the Great War. In battles with up to 100 real-world combatants, players will have to contend with large open maps and tight claustrophobic trenches. Utilizing both period-appropriate guns and a more Tactica close-quarters melee combat system, the in Beyond the Wire is more comprehensive than anything seen in a WW1 game to date.

Beyond the Wire is now entering , with its wider release scheduled for 2022. Be sure to follow us for development updates and information about new content. We thank everyone that participated in our Closed Alpha!

A Unique Melee System

Melee combat adds one last brutal option to the arsenal of choices players have at their disposal. Our melee system includes directional input, and we will be adding even more weapon choice to this feature as development continues. All of this adds to the Realista, portrayal of World War 1 combat.

Massive Multiplayer

100 players at a time face off in 50v50 Tactica combat, with an emphasis on methodical bolt rifle combat and the brutal scale of soldiers faced on the front lines of the Great War.

Tense & Chilling Trench Warfare

It’s muddy, it’s y, it’s gruesome. Tight corners, waves of bayonets on all sides, and limited vision – this game shows off Trench Warfare at its worst. Are you up to the challenge?

Team-focused Gameplay

Co-ordinate and chat with your fellow soldiers-at-arms! Beyond the Wire places an emphasis on team collaboration. Players succeed only when their teammates do.

Cinematic Vistas

Beautifully crafted maps provide a rich playing environment that helps to further emphasize Tactica and strategic challenges.

Graphic Imagery

The Horror,s of war are honestly represented with Realista, , brutal violence, and vision limiting attacks such as chlorine gas or white phosphorus.

ly Inspired Weapons

Weapons created with an emphasis on accuracy, with minor changes made only when it creates a more engaging and fun gameplay experience. While Beyond The Wire is not a Simulador, game, we strive for as much accuracy as possible while still ensuring a fun First Person experience for a wide range of players.

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